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Custom Web Design for Local Business in the Hudson Valley and Beyond provides Custom Web Design for Local Business in the Hudson Valley including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown, Yorktown Heights, New Paltz and more.

website design and hosting with CRM, ecommerce, unlimited tech support and SEO built in

*Unlimited....web site pages, web site updates, traffic, support

*Unbelievable....price, support, service, functionality

*Unmatched....value, SEO, e-commerce, customer experience provides a fully customizable approach to Custom Web Design for the local business in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Our approach is streamlined and systemized to ensure that the Custom Web Design process is quick and easy with an end result that our customers love.

Not only do we ensure the finished Custom Web Design is to the your liking, we also ensure that it is an effective presence that will help increase exposure and decrease expenses.

Today's consumer is looking for more value at a lower price and delivers with custom design and a powerful ecommerce solutionStudies show that today's consumer is looking for more value for less when choosing a company to help them with Custom Web Design and researches potential new relationships with product and service providers online before spending their hard-earned money. We want to help our clients put their best foot forward for their future customers through feature rich, SEO enhanced Custom Web Design. takes a consultative approach to web design and works with you every step of the wayWe work closely with our clients taking a Design Therapy approach to ensure that we can create a site that reflects our client's mission, vision, personality and brand. Through discussion, look-books and brainstorming. We will help you bring your Custom Web Design project to life. In addition, we will be there through the entire design process as our team creates the site for you from scratch. You will have the opportunity to review the home page with 2 revisions and then the balance of the site with 2 revisions. Custom componants such as flash, e-commerce and our reservation and appointment tool will all be created per your specifications.

In addition to effective Custom Web Design, we can help you make an even bigger impact through our customizable Consulting Services.

Check out our Features and Benefits Guide for a full list of our Custom Web Design benefits. And when you are ready to see how we can help you, contact us online for a free demo and 10% off our already affordable pricing.

And coming soon, even more enhancement to our management tools for our customers.

Here's what is in development and being rolled out soon:

New photo gallery and slide show options

More photo gallery and slide show options with more flexibility and customization options.

UI (User Interface) Usability and Speed improvements

We are diligently working on improvements to speed up the editing, publishing and navigation components of the platform. The UI upgrades we are working on will make your software solution even more user friendly. Get ready for more screen real estate to edit your site and easier access to advanced editing properties.

eCommerce integration with Large Accounting Software Suites

Your eCommerce platform will soon support real-time communication between it and major accounting software suites.

Google Fonts implementation

You will soon be able to take advantage of the 630+ dynamic fonts that Google now offers royalty free for use online.

Recent Software improvements and upgrades

The Original Cloud for data storage

Your site continues to provide up to 10 FREE Gigabytes for data Storage where you can safely store and securely hold photos, videos, documents or any other critical digital data.

Social Media Marketing tools and expert assistance

Utilize our tools to post status updates to Facebook and Twitter. You can easily embed Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Plurk sharing and follow us buttons on your site with our user friendly Social Media widgets.

FREE 24/7 Customer Care and Technical Support

Whether your issue requires 5 minutes or 5 hours of our team's time, we will spend as much time with you as necessary to satisfy your needs and help you bring your vision of your Web presence to fruition.

Mobile sites for ALL Smart phones and Tablets

Determine what content appears on your mobile site, based on the desktop version. Update the content on desktop and the mobile version updates automatically. Our mobile sites are cross-platform friendly, so visitors' browsers are automatically detected, and the mobile site is formatted to display an optimized site for each device.

Email Marketing System to drive business to your site

Customize the mobile-friendly email template of your choice with your colors, logos, and images. Then, send your email and track the results in your Campaign manager. You can track important metrics; who opened it, what links were clicked and even if it was shared or if you picked up new followers on social media.

SEO Search Engine Optimization - Bigger Online Footprint

Our best of breed solution provides the tools to improve your rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. Optimize your web presence and increase your Search Engine Results Page rank.

Downloadable/digital media product support for eCommerce

Sell eBooks, Videos, Music, Documents or anything downloadable. You can easily put your products online for sale with our tools.

Photo galleries and slideshows

You'll be impressed with the ease of use in setting up a dynamic photo gallery or slide-show to showcase your business, products or services.

Advanced Calendar Appointment Reservation Scheduling

You may now allow clients to schedule appointments or reservations with your business all online, without ever having to contact you

Support for Blogger and WordPress blogs

If you have a pre-existing Blogger or WordPress blog and would like to incorporate it into your site, we've got just the tool for you. You'll be able to pull all of the content from your blog and have it displayed nicely on your Web site.

Mobile friendly Streaming Video

Upload your videos in virtually any format and our platform will encode your video to a user friendly format and stream it for you at no additional cost.

User/Group permissions

No need to share accounts, you can create as many as you wish free of charge on our platform.

Edit on a tablet or mobile device

Tablets and mobile are the fastest growing market segment in the tech sector. We recognized this early on, so we've optimized our tools to allow you to edit your web presence on your favorite tablet or mobile device.


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