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About Your Trainers:

Trista Polo and Russell Polo MA WebCenters Speakers at Mid-East Regional Convention 2013 for Market America Shop.comRussell and Trista Polo were selected as 2014 WebCenter Trainers of the Year.

They are Certified WebCenter Trainers and Sr. Master Coordinators with Market America

Russell's background is in technology, IT and programming and he had never sold anything prior to beginning work with the MA WebCenters proven system.

Trista's background is in customer service, human resources and real estate. She has always loved working with clients and using her relationship building skills to improve client experience and results.

Trista and Russell have trained all over the country and have a proven track record of success with the MA WebCenters system.

You will learn the system as well as learn from their many years of experience in the fields of sales, customer service, technology and client relationship building.

2014 Cert WebCenter Trainers of the Year
#MANER2013 2nd in Website Sales
#MANER2013 Go Now Award Recipient
#MAIC2013 Main Stage Speakers 2013
#MAIC2013 Break-Out Speakers 2013
Mid-East Regional Speakers for MAWC 2013
#MAWC2013 Break-Out Speakers 2013
90 Day Fast Track Coaches 2013
WebCenter Challenge Winners 2011-2014
2nd in North East Region in sales 2012-13
1st in World in website sales 2012

Brand New Educational System
The new WebCenter Educational Program is designed to be more interactive and focused than ever before.  They are open to all distributors and guests. See below for an overview of what each class covers as well as what workshops you can expect.

WCT 101: Succeeding with WebCenters

WCT 201: Advanced Selling & Networking

The maWebCenters Certification Course 101 is designed to give you a simple and duplicatable system for building your unFranchise as a WebCenter Owner.

Workshops: 4-part Appointment Setting Workshop & Goal Setting Workshop

The Product: How does our product compare and benefit your customer

The Opportunity: WebCenter goal setting and action plans

Simple Sales Approaches: How to sell appointments

Using Your WebCenter: Your WebCenter and You

Business Building: Duplicating WebCenters in your organization 

The maWebCenters 201 class is designed for WebCenter Owners who have taken the 101 course and are ready to take their business to the next level. 

Workshops: Goal Revision Workshop &
Call Workshop

The Market Place: Overcoming consumer confusion. Building value with clients

Goal Assessment: Redefining goals, Organizational system

Retailing: Lead generation, networking, confirming appointments, advanced selling

Using Your WebCenter: Domains, marketing materials and more

Business Building: Building Share of Customer, Mentoring an Intern, Conducting a 90 day fast track

Class Time: ~3.5 hours (plus breaks)

Cost: $25

Please bring:

Distributor ID Number
WebCenter Getting Started Guide**
Print/Download WCT 101 Handout**

Class Time: ~5 hours (plus breaks)
Cost: $25 - NEW REDUCED PRICE! 50% OFF

Please Bring:

Your Distributor ID Number
Your Names List

Your Written Goal Statement
Your WebCenter Getting Started Guide
Phone, Tablet/Laptop
Signed WCT 101 Certificate*
Print/Download 15 Minute Consult. Form**
Print/Download WCT 201 Handout** 

**All documents for Print/Download can be found in the Unfranchise Training website.

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* Signed WCT 101 Certificate is a pre-requisite for the WCT 201 class. Attendees that can not produce a signed WCT 101 Certificate will not be permitted to stay for the class and a full refund will be issued. Attendees are NOT required to attend the WCT 101 and WCT 201 from the same trainers but must take the classes in order.


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