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Being Found Online is as Important as Being Well Designed works with our clients to ensure they are properly positioned for the search engines for every web design project. We do this with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is an important part of marketing your site on the Internet to improve traffic and increase customers.

When a web site is properly optimized, it gets indexed and found by more prospective clients and customers. Our goal is to assist you in creating organic search results as quickly as possible. You may also want to look into pay-per-click (PPC) options through the most popular search engines You can pay a premium for search engine results on specific key words and if you are interested in discussing your options, feel free to contact us so we can go over them with you.

Some of the ways we will help you get your site ready for your SEO launch:

Meta Tags - specific keywords and description that include popular words and phrases that people would use in search engines.

Title and Description Tags - keywords included in the title and description of each page that represent the content a visitor will find there.

Alt Tags - text tags found when you rollover pictures within the site. These include title, description, author and any other relevant information about the photo that will help Search Engines index photos as searchable content.

Keyword-Rich Content - appropriate and relevant text on each page of the site with keywords that your customer would be most likely to search when looking for your products and services.

Embedded Links - links that go to other pages within the site. Your goal should be for all pages to link to one another as well.

Reciprocal Links - these are links that link to outside web sites. Your goal is to have more web sites linking to you than the links you have going out. In some cases, contacting other webmasters, owners etc. to get approval for placement of links is necessary. Great reciprocal linking options include your clients, vendors, strategic partners, referral sources. You can offer a link to their site in exchange for them linking to yours so it helps you both.

After your site is optimized, it's time to alert the serach engines. It can take up to 6 months for the search engines to index your site and include it in the results. It's important to promote it as much as you can through social networking, article submission and blog comments so that you can start to get some trackable traffic.

Using statistical data will help you track and adjust your keywords for best results. Our preferred web design solution includes dynamic statistical data or you can use a service like Google Analytics if your web site does not include statistics.

Other ways to reach positive rankings include:

Fresh Content - Update the content on your site as often as you can. A great way to do this is to add a blog to your web site. Each new blog entry and the comments your visitors make count as new content.

Comments on Popular Blogs and Sites - You are probably interested in many different topics related to your business. When you are surfing the internet looking for new information, take a moment to stop and comment on blogs that relate to your industry. Make sure when commenting, you leave your web site address which most blogs have a place for in the comment box. This will give you additional reciprocal linking with high-ranking sites.

Social Networking - Creating a following through social networks like Twitter and Facebook can drive traffic to your web site. Creating videos and podcasts that people can follow will drive even more traffic and help your web site get found during dynamic search.

Article Submission - Submitting articles on the many services available online will provide exposure to you and your web site and set you apart from your competition. It will also increase the reciprocal linking with credible web sites and increase traffic to your web site.

Directory Submissions - There are many directories out there that are general and specific to your industry. For example, a restaurant would want to be listed on local menu sites, local travel and tourism sites and review sites specific to their zip code. Most of these directory listings are free but if you consider paying for submission, make sure the site is reputable and has a strong following.

• Location and Service Specific Pages - We work with local clients and organizations and know they want to be found in their own town and the surrounding towns as well. Therefore, we will create a matrix of location and service specific pages to ensure that the search engines connect YOU with your CLIENT no matter what service they are looking for and what town they are in. Ask us aobut our Service/Location based packages to create robust, organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.

PANDA Update: All of this is still important but now there is an additional layer of SEO necessary in a well built web site design. Google has created a new analytic called PANDA. Since 2002, Google has been working on a project called Ngram. They have entered over 5 million books spanning over 500 years, entering all publish materials they could get their hands on. From this project, Google now understands the USE of words - the CONTEXT. They are using this new knowledge to rate web site content based on the relevance to the user. So when you are creating content for your web site design project or updating the web content on your current site, make sure it ADDS VALUE to the reader. At we assist our clients with content creation for their web design project to ensure these criteria are met. Ask about our SEO services and copywriting services.

PENGUIN Update: Penguin turned 1 year old on April 24, 2013 and was an addition to the PANDA update of 2010. It is an algorithem update to PANDA, put out by Google to decrease ranking of web sites that use nefarious practices to increase ranking of web sites. Practices such as keyword stuffing, link schemes or deliberate use of duplicate content are all targeted with this update and will hit a web site ranking hard. Penguin is just one of over 25 udates made to PANDA since its release and it continues to get tweaked for better search results.

HUMMINGBIRD Update: On Google's 15th birthday, they launched a completely new algorithem to run their search. It will drastically change the way businesses approach SEO. First - only paid subscribers of Google Pay Per Click (PPC) will have access to Google's powerful keyward search. Second - context of search will be much more important as Google looks to understand WHAT you are asking instead of just matching the words you are searching for. Third - Google will look to keep more people from LEAVING Google by scraping video, images and summaries from your site and integrating it into your results. Businesses will have to work harder to attract people FROM Google and TO their website. More interactivity, value-add and information will be important as businesses need to find new and creative ways to get found via search.

There are new and important changes to SEO guidelines regularly as the major search engines do their best to combat spam and link farms that exploit organic search for their own nefarious uses. We recommend you keep an SEO expert advisor close at hand to help you continue to show up on top. We would be happy to discuss our SEO Consutling services so feel free to contact us and we can have a chat and help you get what you need from your internet marketing.


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